Welcome to Bushwagon East…

Bushwagon East was started in 2012 by commercial pilot/CFI/mechanic, explorer, and Boston native “Bigrenna.”

Bushwagon East is the product of a passionate obsession with not only 100 series Cessnas, but the bushplane in general.   Whether certified or experimental, 208 or Supercub, tailwheel or trike, the mission of Bushwagon East is to share the singular experience of one inflicted individual by communicating information in support of backcountry flying.


What to Expect Here…

Expect nothing!  First and foremost, Bushwagon East is a collection of random thoughts, wild meanderings, and generally amalgamated bullshit.  It is important to understand that this is at heart opinion, at best conjecture, and at most whimsy.   This is a personal project to share what has been learned, communicate thought, and contribute to the passion of aviation.  If you feel slighted, disagree with, take offense by, or feel angered in some way with any of the content found here, please remember that the content here is FREE and that the complaint window is closed.  That said, I truly hope that something here resonates with the readers and conveys some feeling of inspiration.   Enjoy!

The Blog…

The community experience is one of the most important aspects of the World Wide Web.  Believing strongly in giving back, Bushwagon East puts a lot of effort into keeping a robust and informative blog.  Click HERE to read out blog.



In today’s day and age, film matters.  I am committed to creating original content and passionate about sharing what I stumble upon.


AV Threads…

GRAB A SHIRT!  –  After the Bushwagon East artwork was created, I wanted to make some cool swag so I had a limited run of t-shirts hand made by a local boutique screen printing shop.  Turns out the vintage t’s were pretty damn cool, and I was suddenly being asked “can I buy one?”  To make a long story short, after some noodling about, AV Threads was born.  If you enjoy the content here on Bushwagon East or find it useful, think about supporting the site by grabbing some swag from the secure eCommerce site.

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Elephas Creative…

Elephas Creative foots the bill for the Bushwagon East Project.   Located on Boston’s South Shore, Elephas Creative is a full service branding and identity firm. Its artists, designers, and programmers specialize in custom creative solutions for identity, print, web, photography and video. Elephas strives to take analog principles and infuse them into the new digital landscape.

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