Cleveland Dbl Puck STC…

In case anyone needs it, here is the free STC SA63GL to run Cleveland 199-62 “double puck” breaks on a 180/185.

Download here: SA63GL


Cessna 185-27 Jackscrew Inspection Kit…

Just finished installing a 185-27 jackscrew inspection kit into an A185F.  It’s a real handy mod and a good thing to think about… Thought I’d post the install manual in PDF if it’s helpful to anyone.

Download here: SK185-27

Here goes nuthin…

I pulled my 470 and quickly sold my 470 back in November thinking I would only be down for a month or two, but after a long spring, I finally have some time on my hands, and am going to get my new motor back in the bird!  We finished the O-520 PPonk last month, and Im very excited to get it installed.

I took my time in the process, and hand painted each individual part before assembly.  The net result is a real pretty engine.

I took an IO-520F and used the PPonk STC to turn it into an O-520.  If you are unfamiliar with the PPonk mod, it takes a IO-520D/F, pulls off the fuel injection, adds low compression pistons, changes the fwd crossover tube, and adds a carb.  This mod will get you about 265HP.

I ended up buying six brand Millennium new cylinders, but was surprised at the consistency out of the box.  In the end, we pulled them completely apart and got them perfect.   With a little care and obsessive attention to detail, she dyno’d at just under 300hp.  I’m hoping it’ll be screamer!  I also made the decision to run high comp pistons (legally by DER approval) so she should perform at altitude as well.

I’ll be running a 3 blade MT up front, and to avoid the chance of kickback and broken starter adapter, decided to go with a Shower of Sparks ignition.  This will retard the ignition during start and totally avoid a poor timing/kickback.

The plan will be to eventually pull out the non-impulse coupled mag and install the new Surefly electronic ignition.  This is a really cool unit that unlike the clunky Electro-Air is totally self contained inside the mag.  This combo (IMHO) will give the best of all worlds.  Surefly is hoping to have certification done by Oshkosh.

I also decided to go with an old style starter adapter, and forgo a Skytec choosing an old skool energizer starter.  Yes its a couple more pounds back on the bird, but the piece of mind with that time honored starter is well worth it.

She was pretty much broke in on the test stand, so it should be fun right out of the box.  Big thanks to Tim at Unlimited Aero for the support.

CFI – Check

I guess I should toot my own horn for a second…  Finished up my CFI last month.  It was the hardest thing I have done in aviation, but for sure, the most rewarding!

If your interested in your tailwheel endorsement, or want some short field training, feel free to reach out.

Mountain Wave Aviation – Great Company

(unsolicited, but in a land where there is so much friction with service) I wanted to give a quick plug for Mountain Wave Aviation and its new owner Ron.

I have been installing the Mountain Wave nets on birds (as well as on my own buggy) now for 5 years, and have to say that I continue to be impressed with Ron and his customer service, not to mention the quality of the nets.

Folks that have tried to order nets in the past are familiar with their epic lead times… Sometimes over a year. Now that Ron has taken over the company, turn times are lightning fast.

If you want to learn more about the nets, go here:

It takes a bunch of additional time and he would prefer not to do custom stuff, but I have also worked with Ron to create some of my own designs, and they have turned out awesome.

My favorite is the rear organizer pocket for the extended baggage.  Here are my sketches, and then the final net he made for me. I installed one on my bird as well as a customer’s bird that I just ferried out west.

If your looking for a cool new item to install in your Cessna, check out Ron’s rear carry thru or extended baggage net.  Well worth it!


Deja Vu Alaska

If you have a spare 35 min, this is a fantastic film that Zane just finished editing from our trip up to AK last spring.


Engine / MT Prop 4 Sale…

Now that I’m building the 520 for the Wagon, I’ll be selling the 470R and the 2 blade MT.   If you know anyone…






Here goes nuthin…


Finally have some free time so I’m diving in deep and starting in on the O-520F core that has been sitting in the corner of the shop.

I will be using the 2000hr TBO  PPonk STC with Millennium cylinders (venturi seats).  Should give some nice additional HP!  The engine is finally apart and the parts are going out for inspection and overhaul.


Hazards of Wildfire Smoke

Just read a nice article on the smoke this year out west written by Zane Jacobson…  Thanks to for their steady production of backcountry content.  If you haven’t considered contributing, I urge you to support BCP with a small donation.



Knik Teaser…


Last May Zane Jacobson (from and I did some filming in AK while up at the Alaska Airman show.  The video is still in the edit room, but here is a short teaser that Zane cut together.

Brand New Beaver…

Seaplane Operators Look Out…

Not really sure what I think of this…. No pilots license needed???


Cessna 180 Certification…

Cool article.  Thanks to Mike Vivion for finding it!

Read the article here:

Aircraft Tundra Worksheet

I’ve noticed that there have been several folks looking for the Aircraft Tundra Tire Worksheet so here it is…

Also AC 23-17C

AK on the Brain… 170’s in the Wrangles

Feb is here, which means there is some chatter about this years Airman’s show… which got me revisiting old memories.  Watching Zane’s film of our 2014 trip really brings a smile.  Worth watching again, and if you haven’t seen it….


Thanks to Trent Palmer for posting the vid to Youtube!

Plug For Grypmat…


About a year ago a company called Grypmat reached out to me to test a new product they had… I did, and have come to find it invaluable when working on airplanes.  After some testing, I gave my feedback, which surrounded the mat’s issues with solvents and static charge.  To my astonishment, Tom (creator) listened and reformulated the mat.

Anyway, I just saw they have a Kick Starter campaign going to fund two more sizes.   After a year of using this thing, I feel strongly enough about the product that I wanted to support Tom.  FWIW,  I’ve funded $100 to their cause to get the two smaller sizes along with another 12×22.  If you haven’t seen them at Spruce or at OSH, give it a look.  Kudos Tom and good luck!

If you want to order a unit, I encourage you to consider funding their Kick Starter rather than ordering from Spruce.  To do so click HERE.


High Sierra Fly-In Article (BCP)

New article up on BCP about the High Sierra Fly-In.  Thanks to By and BCP for posting!


Valdez STOL…


I was in Home Depot yesterday and was shocked to see the XMas stuff in full bloom already. Seems its getting earlier and earlier. WTF???

So I said to myself… if they can do it with XMas, why not start a bit early on my AK plans for May.

Just found this nice mashup from 2016 Valdez.

Always Makes Me Smile…