1966 Cessna Skywagon 180H

When set up properly, the famed Cessna “Skywagon” seems to be the perfect bush aircraft doing everything well.  It’s a heavy hauler, has enough power, can get in short in the rough, has long legs, and can comfortably haul four adults.  It’s a docile flyer and really is a joy to operate.

There are many opinions on which Skywagon is considered best.  Some like earlier models for their lightness, and some light the later for their beefiness.  In a nutshell, Cessna 180’s can be split into three silos; early, mid, and late.  Early models are nice because they are considerably lighter, however they lack the amenities and strength that Cessna later developed.  Late models are great because they are beefy, but are very heavy and are less nimble to fly.   The Goldilocks can be found in the “H” model and is the most desirable as it falls right in the sweet spot.  It has enough of the lightness of the earlier birds with all the amenities of the later Skywagon line.

This “H” was found in Los Angeles and purchased from 28 year owner and retired airline pilot who had lost his medical.  In late 2011 it was flown from CA to MA where it began a two year restoration.

We feel extremely lucky to be the current steward of this amazing machine.

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The Bushwagon East Aircraft

Licensed Empty Weight: 1740 lbs (weighed on 8.5×6)

Useful Load 1409 lbs

Gross Weight: 3190 lbs


O-520F (Pponk STC – 2000hr TBO)


MTV-9-D/210-58 3 Blade (SA02294CH)

Instruments & Avionics

Garmin GNS 430W

Garmin SL30

Garmin G5 (AI)

Garmin G5 / GMU-11 (DG/HSI)

Garmin GI-106A  CDI

Garmin 796 Integrated Panel Mt. GPS

Kannad Integra 406MHz ELT

MVP-50 (SA01988SE)

Garmin GTX 345

CO Guardian CO Detector (MVP-Integrated)

S-TEC ST30 Autopilot + ST901 GPSS (SA09267AC-D)

PAI 700 Vertical Card Compass

Wheels & Tires

Goodyear 8.5×6 (for skis)

Airhawk 8.5×10 on Alaskan Bushwheel ABI-1010 10″ wheels (SA01765SE)

Alaskan Bushwheel 29″ on Cleveland 6″ wheels

Alaskan Bushwheel Baby Bush


AeroLEDs Sunspot 36HX 01-1030-HA landing/taxi

Stene Aviation Quasar Lighted Tips

AeroLEDs Sunbeacon (2)

AeroLEDs NSP (Nav, Position, Strobe)

Instrument Light Bezels

Upgrades & STCs

Airglas LW 3600 Skis  (SA213AL)

Alaska Bushwheels (SA001015SE)

Alaskan Bushwheel Baby Bush Tailwheel (SA01636SE)

Aviation Creations Leather Upholstery

BAS Inertial Reel Harnesses (SA2067NM)

BAS/AmSaft Rear Pax Shoulder Harness

BAS Tail Pull Handle (SA3812NM)

Bracket Filter (SA71GL)

Burl’s Aircraft Fuel Screens (SA02221AK)

Carbon Fiber Extended Baggage (SA02180AK)

Cessna 185 Vertical Stab

Cessna V Brace

Cessna Boot Cowl Step

Cessna Bootcowl Handle

Cessna Seat Stop Kit SK210-174B

Cessna Skylight Kit – Cub Crafters (SA4379NM)

C-MODS Belly Drain (SA1412SO)

Door Stewards (SA01120SE)

F. Atlee Dodge Jump Seats (SA02008AK)

Cleveland Double Pucks (SA02231AK)

F. Atlee Dodge tiedown clamps (SA02359AK-D)

F. Atlee Dodge Firewall Battery Kit + Odyssey SBS-J-16 Battery (SA02333AK-D)

F. Atlee Dodge Quick Release Door Pins

F. Atlee Dodge Ski Attach Kit (SA213AL)

Great Lakes Aero Single Piece Windscreen (SA471GL)

Great Lakes Aero 4″ Bubble Windows (SA00897CH)

Great Lakes Aero tinted (thicker) side windows

Jackscrew Access Kit SK185-27

Kenmore Air Gross Weight Increase (SA649NW)

Lift Strut Steps

Lonestar 12V Outlet (3)

Long Range Fuel Tanks

PPonk Landing Gear Kit (SA2918NM)

Micro AeroDynamics Vortex Generators (SA01646SE)

McFarlane Seat Rails

Monarch Fuel Caps (SA2382CE)

Reiff Preheat System

Stene Aviation Quasar Landing Light Kit

Rosen Visors w/ Retrofit Kit (SA00871SE/SA01436SE)

Sacramento Skyranch SS Braided Brakelines

Selkirk Flap Tunnel (SA00679SE)

Selkirk Control Shield (SA00679SE)

Selkirk Door Posts (SA00679SE)

Selkirk Glareshield (SA00760SE)

Stene Aviation Split Seam Cuffs (SA02262SE)

Stene Aviation Sportsman Cuff (SA2256WE)

WingX STOL (SA00276NY)

Zeftronics Alternator Controller (SA8031SW)

Weight & Balance


Cessna 180 Type Certificate Data Sheet




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