Started in on the TW today.

The C180 came with an XP Mods 10″ TW, but after the flight from LA to Boston and comparing the performance between that and the Alaskan Bushwheel TW I had on the C170, it was an easy decision. Originally had hoped that I was going to be able to use the C170 TW fork on the C180, but of course I wasn’t going to be that lucky. A quick call to Wup had a 3400 TW fork kit on its way.



I also thought that I would be able to re-use the innards of my TW, but once it was disassembled, it was obvious that it was going to need a full rebuild.

For what its worth.. as most of my flying will be on pavement, I have chosen to run the 4.00×4 tire that was on my C170 in the 3400 TW fork. If I get a bit crazier with my flying, I will swap over the Babybush.

These photos are a bit interesting… Here are some shots comparing the XP Mods 10″ vs/ the ABW 3400, the 10″ tire vs/ a 4.00×4, and a 4.00×4 vs/ the Babybushwheel.