Stripping Begins…


Started in on the stripping yesterday.  I had fought with this stuff on the C170, and all I can say is it’s insidious.  No fun at all.

I have no idea what Cessna called it, but the thick black mix of petroleum based goo ain’t no pick-nick.  But as Kennedy said, “We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”



The best way I found to deal with this stuff is to paint on a layer of aircraft stripper (being very careful it doesn’t run between the seams) letting it soften up the material, then scrape off the heavy stuff with a plastic putty knife.


Once that is done, 3M makes an amazing elixir called “General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner.”  This stuff is perfect for dissolving the goo and cleaning it right up.   Its a long hard slog cleaning each of these panels, but will be well worth it once a fresh coat of paint is on!