Panel Discussion…



Well I finally got to the conversation going with the vendor about a panel design for the Skywagon. The intent for the panel will be to follow the same lines as the entire project. Simple, light, and elegant. I’m really excited to see how it will end up!

The question came up about just what we could omit in the new panel by using an engine analyzers/systems monitor.  I spent some time on the phone today with the tech over at E.I. and I was pretty impressed.

Of course there is the age old fear of a catastrophic failure of a single piece of equipment, but I think for me, the allure of the simplicity, precision, and weight savings overshadows the fear of a catastrophic failure.

By installing the MVP-50 I can loose pretty much everything:

Oil Temp
Oil Pressure
Manif Pressure
Gryo Vac
Fuel Level

I can also have a whole host of other info… AND it only weights 1.9lbs. There is also $300 rebate now till Dec 31st. Hmmmmm…….

Stay tuned.