More Paint…

Got back into the paint booth and finished up the last bits of painting (ailerons and flaps.) It’s a bit more of a pain in the ass shooting base/clear, but it sure does look nice. Hung the elevators, ailerons, and RMD tips today. I scanned the artwork from my orig parts book and cut the “CESSNA” logo out of flat black vinyl for the outboard tips.

Im sold on Aeroled, and installed them all around. LED landing and taxi in the stock location, and two landing in the tips. They are nice cuz they have the wig-wag feature built in so no need for additional boxes like MaxPulse. For strobes, I installed NSPs on the tips with a Sunbeacon on the tip of the V-stab along with the belly. They are all sunc and discharge together. I’m going to look like a G-damn UFO. F-ing bright….

Next step – VG’s for the leading edge on the Sportsman.