Side Windows…


Humming right along… All side and skylights are in! I went with tinted plexi which is pretty cool. Looks even cooler with the powdercoated window surrounds. (the pic above only has the rear in.)


New Glass…


For the C180 project, we will be replacing all the windows with new plexi from Great Lakes Aero.  The new glass will be thicker as well as tinted.

The door windows have already been replaced with the 4″ bubbles that came off the C170, which leaves the windscreen, centers, and rears.  The windscreen has been ordered in the new Cessna light grey tint, while the centers and rears are the darkest grey, as well as “extra thick” for increased noise reduction.




The C180 came with a fairly new windshield that’s in good shape and swapping it out is pretty glutinous, but as we will also be adding a Seaplane “V” brace from F. Atlee Dodge, it might be just too much stuff in front of your face while flying.  The new one piece windshield is installed under the Great Lakes Aero STC SA471G and comes with the purchase of the windshield.



We will also be adding later model Cessna skylights to the roof.  This install is done under  STC SA4379NM sold by CubCrafters in WA for $150.00.  (contact Vera at CC for more info.)  Although the STC allows for the installation of up to five skylights, I wanted to keep the more traditional “stock” feel and keep it a bit more simple.  I also didn’t want to fry my head on long summer flights.



Since the interior will be torn out anyway and the panel removed, the glass install should be pretty simple.  CubCrafters sells the surrounds and retainers, but we have a good relationship with Yingling and ordered them there.

FYI… if you do order the parts from CubCrafters, be advised that they have their parts numbers mixed up.  The surround (part that holds the plexi to the skin is Cessna P/N 0411174-3.  CC has it listed as a “Frame for Upholstery.)  This is all I will need as we will not be installing a headliner, but if you are, you will also need 0700247-1  and 0700247-3.

Part Numbers for the Great Lakes plexi:  Windscreen – P/N 2073W/G, Bubbles – P/N 2902-4W/G, Centers – 1012W/XT , Rears – P/N 1011W/XT, and Skylights are 1033W/XT.  Skylight STC SA4379NM from CubCrafters

Bubble Windows…

From the beginning I had always loved the bubbles… It wasnt long before I was doing the install.

When I was researching bubble windows and trying to figure out which ones I should install, I could not find a good images of the Great Lakes Aero 4,” so here they are…






bubble_3 bubble_4