Aircraft Tundra Worksheet

I’ve noticed that there have been several folks looking for the Aircraft Tundra Tire Worksheet so here it is…

Also AC 23-17C

AK on the Brain… 170’s in the Wrangles

Feb is here, which means there is some chatter about this years Airman’s show… which got me revisiting old memories.  Watching Zane’s film of our 2014 trip really brings a smile.  Worth watching again, and if you haven’t seen it….

Maine Bush Flying…

New article up on BCP.  Thanks Jake for the story!



Happy Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 8.50.48 AM

Cranking Her Over…


It’s been a fun week down at the hanger… Finally pulled her out, gave her a prime, and w/ 1/3 of a turn she came to life. Was exhilarating to be behind the yoke and feel the engine go. Sure is damn quiet with all that Selkirk foam. Way quieter than before.

So far it’s only ground runs to check eng performance, avionics, and the MVP-50. Talked about it a bit on another thread, but that MVP-50 is the cat’s ass. It’s gonna take me a bit to really get used to the information at my fingertips, but the combo is sure a mind-blower.

430 talks to the MVP, MVP takes the course/flight data and adds magic then sends info back to the 430. 430 talks to the 796 and populates all course data on the big screen. 796 sends touch screen freq data to the SL30 and populates automagically. 330 sends traffic info to the 430. Nutty!

(still more polishing to do…)