Plug For Grypmat…


About a year ago a company called Grypmat reached out to me to test a new product they had… I did, and have come to find it invaluable when working on airplanes.  After some testing, I gave my feedback, which surrounded the mat’s issues with solvents and static charge.  To my astonishment, Tom (creator) listened and reformulated the mat.

Anyway, I just saw they have a Kick Starter campaign going to fund two more sizes.   After a year of using this thing, I feel strongly enough about the product that I wanted to support Tom.  FWIW,  I’ve funded $100 to their cause to get the two smaller sizes along with another 12×22.  If you haven’t seen them at Spruce or at OSH, give it a look.  Kudos Tom and good luck!

If you want to order a unit, I encourage you to consider funding their Kick Starter rather than ordering from Spruce.  To do so click HERE.


Product Review: Grypmat


Last month I was contacted by Alex Fried, the CEO of Gryphson Industries asking if I would be interested in doing some user testing of their first product, the Grypmat.  I had just discovered a leak in the wing bladder and would be needing to work up on the polished wing, so the timing couldnt be more perfect.

First, how the company describes their product:  The GrypMat consists of a 2’x1’ rubberized, flexible, non-marring, non-slip, anti-static material. GrypMat is designed to give mechanics a safe and secure surface to store tools without worrying about damaging the equipment they are working on. GrypMat works where other tool trays won’t, such as the curved surfaces found on aircraft wings and bodies. Using GrypMat reduces Foreign Object Damage (FOD), lowers maintenance times, prevents scratches and damage, and helps mechanics do their jobs.


The mat I received came rolled up with a nice bungee to keep it small.  The material was unlike anything I had handled being super flexible and gripy.  I quickly put it to work laying out two mats on the tops of the wings.  In principle, the idea seemed worthwhile, and in practicality, quickly became invaluable.

Thoughts: Overall, I loved using the mats, and am happy to help promote the product.  The units I received are pre-production, but have been assured that the final units will be even better.

NET NET, the mats were super helpful working on top of the wings.  My tools as well as the fasteners stayed in place, and I was able to avoid any unwanted scratching in the bare aluminum.  Other than working on the exterior, I can see the most important benefit being an aid to working inside.  Anyone who has ever worked in a tail dragger knows what a huge pain in the ass it is when stuff starts rolling backwards and then disappear into some secret crevasse.

At any rate, keep an eye out for the Grypmat once it hits the shelves!