Sportsman Install on a C170B…

Spent the last week installing a Sportsman on my buddies 55′. Should be wrapping it up tomorrow. It’s really a nice kit and I cant wait to do some testing to see the perf changes.


Sportsman Finished…

Well I’m happy to say that the is finally F-ing finished. Life really got in the way over the past couple of months, but its finally finished. Part of the time suck on the project was due to being super anal, but in the end, it was worth it. Since the wings will be polished, I painted the fiberglass parts the same silver Imron that I used on the gear legs. Matches polished alum pretty well. Here are some detail pics over the last week. They are a bit incongruous, but its what I got…







Sportsman Install…

This weekend I was able to get back on the Sportsman install, cutting and fitting the right wing. Everything is now cut and cleco’d with #10s. I should be able to get the detail work done tomorrow/Tuesday. I’m about half way there with the install. Sure is a bitch trying to make it perfect…






More Sportsman Progress…

Slow and steady…



Sportsman Cuff…

Next step on the Sportsman install was to box out and WX proof the section between the nose blocks around the cabin air vents. This is done by cutting the provided foam to fit between the blocks on the left and right side of each vent, and sticking them into place with the provided RTV. Once installed, you cover the foam with RTV to make the cavity water tight.

Once this is done, mark the center of each vent as well as the stall reed on the top of the wing (far enough aft as not to get covered by the new cuff.)





Sportsman Continues…


Some more progress on the Sportsman today…

First step was to get a coat of zinc chromate on the skin where the blocks will be affixed. Next, test fit each block using the specific station templates and tape into place. Once fitment is ensured, mark each location, scuff, apply adhesive, and float each block into their final resting place. Register each block again with the template, then tape into place and wait for drying.

The holes in the leading edge were from the old OWL cuff that was removed. These will be buried under the new cuff as it is much larger. In looking at the second to last pic, you can see just how much more leading edge is added with the Sportsman over the stock wing. Crazy…

So far so good!







Sportsman Cuff…

Originally the Sportsman cuff was purchased for the C170, but once it was decided what was really needed was a C180, the cuff was put to the side until there was a Skywagon to install it on…  Fortunately the two aircraft have basically the same wing (the cuff is the same,) and after two years of waiting, its finally time to get the cuff installed.

The old Owl cuff has been nixed, and the Sportsman install has begun. First step, cutting the templates out. Spray glue the paper on the Masonite cover (of the shipping box) and then cut em out with a jigsaw.




Pulling Flaps…


99% done with stripping, and in the spirit of never ever getting the Skywagon flying again, I went ahead and pulled the flaps and ailerons. It’s gonna be sooo much easier to strip the back side of the parts. Also a great time to replace the flap rollers.

I have made a decision on the final paint job. Wings will be polished, with painted flaps, ailerons, WingX and Tips.

Back in the 80’s, someone installed an Owl Cuff (Horton.) Of course like everything else, I couldn’t leave it alone, and it was pulled over the weekend.  The Owl came off super easy with no drama.  Should be pretty easy as the Sportsman has a bit more material and will bury all the old Owl rivet holes. Looking forward to the install!



Sportsman Pirep from Rob…

Robw56 Posted this over on the C170 board and I though it was worth sharing…  Thanks Rob!


“I know the topic of STOL kits gets brought up here every once and a while so here is a review of the Sportsman STOL Kit. I know there are strong opinions here on wether or not one should get a STOL kit for there 170. Some love the idea and others think it is a waste. I hope this doesn’t turn into a big debate I just wanted to share my results. For ME, I’m glad I put the kit on for the type of flying I lke to do. Hopefully this can help others in deciding for themselves if a STOL kit is worth it or not.

I got my Stol Kit installed at Q-Aeromotivet in California City. I picked up my plane yesterday and flew it home. First I went up for a little bit with glidergeek in the right seat and we did some slow flight and a few stalls and only one landing back at Cal City before flying back to Rio Vista. Today I went out by myself to see what it could do and I was even more impressed with the kit, I think having less weight and not as mush of a forward CG changed the feel a little from the first flight test. First I did some slow flight with 20 degrees of flaps and power, I could keep it level at about 35mph and start to get a slight buffet. Next I tried 40 degrees with power… this time I was flying with the ASI below 30mph. At this point you could take the yoke all the way back put in full power the ASI is fluttering back and forth between 0 and 20 and it still doesn’t really want to stall. Power off stalls with 40 degrees of flaps are impossible, it would just decend at about 600fpm at 40mph indicated. You can make turns back and forth at this speed with no problem. Next I went and shot a few landings at Rio Vista on the grass next to the taxi way. Yesterday when I flew I just approached at 60mph and it felt like it used to at 70mph. Today I was flying approaches at 45mph indicated and carrying power. WOW before there was no way I could do this. Before if I got a little below 60 you could feel the plane want to drop out from under you. Not anymore, 45mph carrying power into the flair and I would plop down on the grass nice and soft and stop in about 100 feet or less… I also had about a 15mph head wind. I felt like I was flying a helicopter on approach. Taking off with 20 degrees of flaps I’m airborne at 35 mph and climbing out nicely at 45mph. Stene’s site lists VX at 48mph and VY at 75mph at gross. Also on the flight back from Cal City I noticed no loss in cruise speed. Overall I’m very happy with the kit and glad I got it. I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do in the backcountry this year. I hope this review can help anyone that’s interested in installing the kit on their Cessna.”