Crazy Fall E.I. Rebate…

If you have been thinking about an engine monitor, it might be time to give the CGR-30 a look.  E.I. has a current rebate that seems pretty tempting.  $1000 off the basic 6 cyl unit.

The Basic model wont give you the functionality of the Premium, but if you need a simple engine monitor (CHT/EGTs) fuel flow computer this would be a great deal. (also does Volts, OAT, RPM and tach time.)

If you are considering any E.I. unit, please give me a shout as Bushwagon East is an E.I. dealer.



Panel in…

The panel is almost buttoned up (just another CDI to install) and M really digging the layout. I went with UMA instrument and glare shield lights and they are the bomb. One of the cool (and simple) features of the lighting is the overhead light. With no headliner etc… the red spills out over the sides and fills the cabin with a nice even light. The panel has lots of room for future upgrades with spare sm/lg instrument holes as well as switch and breaker blanks. I also added three 12v power outlets so running stuff will be easy.

Hammering away at the ol’ punch list.




Panel Progress…

Here is a shot of the panel. Simple and clean. With the MVP-50 you can really toss a bunch of stuff. The 4 empty holes have color matched powdercoated blanks in them now. The hole to the left of the TB will have a snap in Dynon D2 with the other three empties there to grow into in case anything new and “fancy” comes along. I have also left provisions for additional CBs on the buss and switch holes so upgrades will be easy.


The GTX330 goes under the MVP-50 along with a Hobbs and Kannad 406 remote switch.Image

Pretty much every single wire on the airplane has been replaced. Tons of work, but so worth it. This is the FA Dodge firewall batt mod with Bogert Low Loss batt cables. (saved 23lbs total)


I have also started adding all the final trim, placards, and final detail work. Its rewarding feeling it come together.


Panel Wiring…

All the avionics are finished and are wired. The avionics are set it up to take advantage of all the new Garmin capabilities. 330, SL30, and 430w all talk to each other and the Garmin 796 as well as the MVP-50. I also upgraded the STEC 30 with GPSS so it should be a pretty cool ride.


Also finally got the panels finished. Was a long process, but in the end they really do look nice. Started installing the sub-panel.

Rounding the Corner…

Officially rounded the bend and are now on the upswing…. Long two days, but the interior painting is FINISHED!





Panel Progress…


I ended up tweaking the panel design a bit and I think it is a bit more aesthetically pleasing now. Test fit the mockup today and we are golden. Also finished prepping (soooo glad thats over.) So clean you can eat off it. Interior paint is just around the corner!



Test Fit Panel…

Panel blank was finished yesterday and I popped it in…  Some trimming needed and a bit of shuffling, but it’s on the right track!


Test Panel Finished…


Finally got the test panel finished today.  Rather than cut it in metal, we used a light plastic for the first try to see how it all fits.  Heading down to the hanger for a test. Goal was to have a nice simple panel. The MVP-50 (upper right) was able to eliminate tons of stuff so it will be very clean and light.

Panel Discussion…



Well I finally got to the conversation going with the vendor about a panel design for the Skywagon. The intent for the panel will be to follow the same lines as the entire project. Simple, light, and elegant. I’m really excited to see how it will end up!

The question came up about just what we could omit in the new panel by using an engine analyzers/systems monitor.  I spent some time on the phone today with the tech over at E.I. and I was pretty impressed.

Of course there is the age old fear of a catastrophic failure of a single piece of equipment, but I think for me, the allure of the simplicity, precision, and weight savings overshadows the fear of a catastrophic failure.

By installing the MVP-50 I can loose pretty much everything:

Oil Temp
Oil Pressure
Manif Pressure
Gryo Vac
Fuel Level

I can also have a whole host of other info… AND it only weights 1.9lbs. There is also $300 rebate now till Dec 31st. Hmmmmm…….

Stay tuned.