Alton Bay Ice Runway…

Was able to get up to Alton Bay for the Ice Runway. Those guys do a kick ass job up in N.H.  Kudos!

Found these pics of the Bushwagon on the 180/185 club site.






Block Island to PYM…

Had a great day flying yesterday. Flew down the Long Island coast to Montauk (to check out some of the hurricane damage,) than back up the beach at 600′. Stopped for lunch at Block Island than back to PYM.

Fantastic Dec day to fly here in Eastern MA. Here is a vid of the flight home.

Block Island, Lunch, & the L.I. Coast…

Another great day of flying here in Eastern MA.  Got 2.5 done and flew down the Long Island coast to check out some of the damage from Sandy.   Turned around just south of Montauk (KMTP) and then up along the coast at 600′ at 80mph.  Hit Block Island (KBID) for a yummy veggie burger (with bacon) and then back to Plymouth (KPYM.)



Was able to get a good sense on the performance with the 8.5×10’s and Great Lakes Aero bubbles vs/ the 6.00×6’s.  Prior to the mod, I was seeing 145 mph at cruise.  By no means is this scientific, nor did I try too hard to get the parameters the same, but today I averaged 140 mph.  Pretty much what I figured with the bigger tires.

I also think I got the tire pressure in the “sweet spot.”  During yesterdays grass work, I felt way to firm on the grass.  On my C170, I would run pretty light at 12psi.  Since it was real light, there wasnt much deflection in the sidewall, and it was nice and comfy off airport.  Prior to TO, I air’d down to 14psi (from 20.)  I will have to do some more testing, but it feels much better.



BTW… the cafe (Bethany’s) at Block Island was pretty damn good.  I was surprised at how busy it was on a Dec Monday afternoon.  Worth stopping by.

Great Night to Meet New 170s…

Got to meet another 170 owner today.  Kyle flew his awesome 170 over from P-Town this afternoon. It was a perfect day for flying, and a beautiful evening. Thanks for coming over Kyle. Love your A/C.





Sherman Field Fly-In…

We had a local airshow at my friends private airstrip (MA63) last weekend called Sherman Field. It was a great time. Here is a short vid.