Small BCP Get-togher this Weekend N. Maine. All welcome…



Small BCP IMR (Informal Micro Rally) this Sat night deep in the Maine woods. Will be remote, but doable for anyone who wants to tag along… We will probably be meeting at Bethel around lunchtime for fuel, then flying up together, hitting some of the usual suspects along the way as well as some exploration Sun AM. If you want to join, shoot me an eMail The more the merrier! Strip is about 33mi north of Greenville, and W of Baxter.


Buying a 180…


Over the weekend I flew up to Hampton 7B3 to meet up with some fellow BCP’rs to check out a 1960 model Cessna 180 that Brandt was looking to buy.  Fingers crossed, but we think today is the day that Brandt will be flying it back to TX!

Pic above: L-R, Jason (55wagon) Brandt (VTR) Greg (Bigrenna)

Brandt has some big plans… Sportsman, VG’s, ABWs, Tail Pulls, etc…  Gonna be such a sweet bird!