Hazards of Wildfire Smoke

Just read a nice article on the smoke this year out west written by Zane Jacobson…  Thanks to BCP.org for their steady production of backcountry content.  If you haven’t considered contributing, I urge you to support BCP with a small donation.



Knik Teaser…


Last May Zane Jacobson (from BCP.org) and I did some filming in AK while up at the Alaska Airman show.  The video is still in the edit room, but here is a short teaser that Zane cut together.

High Sierra Fly-In Article (BCP)

New article up on BCP about the High Sierra Fly-In.  Thanks to By and BCP for posting!


Great Article by Zane over at BCP…


I love re-posting great stuff from BCP.org…  Check out Zane’s latest article on Alex Wells over at backcountrypilot.org.


New Knowledge Base Article on BCP by Ravi Fry

Pretty good info.  Thanks Ravi!  Click Here to read:


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.46.21 AM

Great Article and New Film: STOL Tips (Tricycle Gear Airplanes)

Patrick Romano of Backcountry Aviation has released a great new STOL Tips film along with a detailed article over on BCP.org.   Worth a watch…





Nice Article on Flying Iceland Up on BCP…

Article by By | 29 February 2016.  Click HERE to read.

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Slippery Slope Vid…

Congrats Brandt on your new bird!  Super fun day….!

Wrangell Mountain Skyboys…

Great new article posted on BCP today by Katherine Ringsmuth.  Katherine teaches history at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and is owner of the public history consulting business Tundra Vision.   Thanks Kathy and Zane!

Click HERE to read on BCP.org.

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Great New Article On Fire Starting Over At BCP…

Great article from Ravi Fry over on BCP.org.  Thanks Ravi for your work and supporting the community!


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Buying a 180…


Over the weekend I flew up to Hampton 7B3 to meet up with some fellow BCP’rs to check out a 1960 model Cessna 180 that Brandt was looking to buy.  Fingers crossed, but we think today is the day that Brandt will be flying it back to TX!

Pic above: L-R, Jason (55wagon) Brandt (VTR) Greg (Bigrenna)

Brandt has some big plans… Sportsman, VG’s, ABWs, Tail Pulls, etc…  Gonna be such a sweet bird!




Ultima Thule Outfitters

This was posted over on BCP.org… Put a smile on my face.

If your not familiar with Paul Claus and his lodge, its worth taking a look….

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 3.44.56 PM

New Featured Photographer Article on BCP.org

Cool new article up on BCP.org.  Kudos Zane and great pics Dan!




Tour de Strip…

Been doing a bunch of fall flying lately.  The air has been great, the temps nice and crisp, and the colors perfect.

Backcountry Pilot IMR or “Informal Micro Rally”

In the effort to get more BCP folks to get out camping and meeting, I created the IMR or Informal Micro Rally.

What the hell does that mean?  Simple:  Just get out and camp… Doesn’t have to be anywhere crazy, short, or gnarly.  Anyone is welcome, anywhere is game… Pick a meeting spot and run whatcha brung.

Pick a spot, let other folks know where you are heading by posting it, and roll the dice… If at least another person shows up, you got yourself an IMR.


Good luck!


Some pics of last weekends event in Lincoln ME.  It was myself, Texashooligan, and another Skywagon.  Was chilly, but super fun!









Double Ender…

Zane from Backcountrypilot.org does it again…

170s In The Wrangles…

Special thanks to Zane for cutting this film on this years trip to Alaska.  Amazing trip with an awesome bunch of guys!

Backcountry Aviation’s: STOL Tips (Balked Landings, Aborted Approaches, and Go-Arounds)

Backcountry Aviation’s STOL Tips by Patrick Romano is an article and media series about backcountry flying technique and strategy– in particular the unique skills utilized for operating from very short airstrips and landing zones, and the dynamic environment of the backcountry.


Shortest Commercial Flight?

Great film from BackcountryPilot.org’s IndoPilot.

Winds of Texas…

Check out Zane from Backcountrypilot.org’s film on the first annual Texas STOL Roundup.